Tips from an experienced fisherman

There is nothing worse than going fishing and not catching any fish. Our tips help you!!!

If you follow these tips, you will be a welcomed tourist in our expeditions for years.

If you understand the river and behave rationally, you will catch a lot of fish. You should remember  that  you should be wary of other tourists who follow behind you and also dream of great fishing. If you do not follow to such tactics  fishing  on the promising fishing spot for you and other tourists quickly comes to the end.

While catching  a fish  do not make any noise to avoid scaring it. If you are noisy entering  the river   or a fish see you then fishing it brings  bad luck to fishing. Calm and clear water makes the fish easier to see you!!!

Grayling or taimen become suspicious to unfamiliar objects and you will be able to catch it using only with   live bait or an imitation of the living thing.

First of all, If you want to catch more fish it is recommended to catch fish   walking upstream the river. Usually all fish head upstream and you have to remain undetected for fish.
Secondly, try to stay close to the ground as far as possible from the river bank. Do not come close the high bank of river, reared up.

By sitting with your knee bent you can be near the river bank avoiding to be detectable, since you will be at maximum refraction   angle with the water surface. Owing to this,  you will be less noticeable for the fish even at catching fish. There is no need to enter the water.

Our experience shows that when a  fisherman  enters the rapid water for fly fishing, it will be troublesome for amateurs of spin fishing to catch any fish. 

An inexperienced fisherman, who do not follow  the rules,  can   bring bad luck to  all the group. You should cast as bait downstream, rather than upstream . Otherwise, the fish will ignore lure or bait.

If you cast bait spinners at a maximum water depth you will get more bites , You will need to replace the bait regularly or sharpen   fish hooks.

 If fish biting is weak in a potential place one can try to change the color, size or type of spinners. On the other hand you can try to change a bait.  

The most common  sites  for grayling fishing in summer: confluences  of  streams and rivers, parts between shallow and deep part of a river, and often parts of the river of about a meter deep with moderate current  and  rocky river bottom , where the fish can wait for a passing feed behind a boulder without problems with rapid water. On the slow water parts of a river the grayling is usually small in size.
On deeper parts of the river grayling can be caught when weather is bad or in   the autumn time, when it is not enough feed in the upper reaches of a river.

To scare away wild animals you can use traumatic light-and-sound Osa gun.  This gun does sound   much louder than a 12 gauge shotgun . It has a very low weight compared to other guns and good resistance to corrosion. When you carry it on your belt or in a pocket it does not create discomfort, even during long time hiking.

You can avoid problem with making   campfire in the morning "from scratch"  placing two large, heavy logs parallel to each other  so that they're parallel to each other with a space in between, then placing the next  log parallel on top of those). Use the first two logs to gather the coals together between them. In the fire organized like this you will have embers until the morning. In addition, it allows you to keep  fire even in the rain .

To save daily time you can use  only an outer tent for overnight . In this case, there will no  need to separate outer and inner tents every time and you will need to install framework and an outer tent. Accordingly you will need to de-install a tent only   in case of necessity to dry  inner part of a tent.

We recommend you to bring a small hermetic storage bag  or a small backpack for items essentials you need to keep on hand . This will save the time of their search in large hermetic bags with group equipment . Such equipment includes raincoat , GPS, satellite phone , photo and video, boxes with your favorite baits , a torch or headlight, medicine, if you need to take it   regularly  , etc.

If you want to catch fish from a boat As an anchor ,    one can use a cage or  a string bag   filled with stones. When carrying it doesn’t take space in a backpack. You have to fell certain that   the weight of boulders is sufficient to keep the boat on the rapid water .

Prepared by Vadim (Shaman)